What do your customers really think of your website?

What do your customers really think of your website?

Wouldn’t it be great to know how what your perfect customer thinks of your website? Now you can!

Watch a member of the public who falls within your chosen criteria navigate around your website trying to find that valuable information they so desperately need to put their mind at ease. That’s not all!

You can also listen to them narrate every single detail they pick up from annoying and confusing text and tabs on your website to simple and clear instructions on where to go that make the journey that little bit smoother.

This is service is provided by a new start-up called User Testing (www.usertesting.com)

You pay them a fixed fee once you have chosen your criteria for what type of user you are targeting. Then watch them provide you with a recorded screen video of them actually using your website.

This valuable information can help you design and layout your website in a way that allows your potential customers find the relevant information they need to trust your services that much quicker and smoother. It can allow you to optimise your website and recognise its weak points. Know where you are losing your potential customers and what they find relevant or just annoying.

This knowledge is what all web designers and developers would soon be using to develop new websites. It saves the money and time wasted trying to replicate the end user experience using our own imagination on how they may behave. Every individual is different but simplicity is the key.


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