Download – USP Questionnaire

Download – USP Questionnaire

It’s sometimes difficult to see your Unique Selling Points (USP) when you see your business day in and day out. You tend to get used to your USP’s including even the minor negative points. It just becomes normal and expected.

Yet, it’s quite easy to highlight your USPs in your marketing to separate yourself from others in your industry. Your marketing becomes easy and has a direction. I’ve created this USP Questionnaire form so you can find out first hand, from your actual clients, customer and patients. Simply hand this form out to your clients and let them remind you what your USPs are which THEY appreciate and feel.

Download the form, hand it out to your patients, collect the data and then highlight your USPs in your marketing campaigns. Don’t just be another business, be the business.

Click Here to download the form – USP-Questionnaire

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