Dental Nursing Journal – Bottom to the Top

Dental Nursing Journal – Bottom to the Top


I recently had an article created about me and my career as a trainee dental nurse to becoming a dental business consultant by the Dental Nursing Journal.

It was to share my experiences, my mentors, my ‘why’ and my tips for any aspiring dental nurses who want to break away from the norm. I shared tips and advice on interviews techniques, increasing your self-worth and management tips for any dental practice manager or owner.

Unlike other dental consultants, Ive not come into dentistry from the financial sector to make money or a general marketing agency trying to get their foot in the door. I did start from the bottom and have worked my butt off to get to the position I am in today, working with clients across the worlds from Canada all the way to Australia, helping them improve their business, profits and freedom as a dental practice owner.

Hope you enjoy the read 🙂

Read the article here >>> Dental Journal – From Bottom To Top

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