About Hassan

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About Hassan

As a highly knowledgeable and experienced Healthcare Business Consultant and Strategic Marketing Specialist who has worked extensively with renowned professionals, practices and businesses from around the world, Hassan Mushaid is an innovative visionary with results-centric business acumen. The many facets of his skill set also include understanding the marketing, profiting and client retention mechanisms crucial in the dental industry via effective and realistic approaches.



With the proven and prodigious ability to garner astounding results for his clientele, while maintaining the highest level of profits, Hassan has been able to successfully implement effective branding strategies, market positioning mechanisms and carving of evolutionary paths that have resulted in strategic JVP deals and brand loyalty.

His revolutionary approach to increasing profits for healthcare businesses is enshrined in effectively identifying the patterns that prevent business growth.

Unlike most consultants, Hassan’s underlying strength lies in the ability to think “outside the box”, as well as “inside the box”, whilst preemptively strategising for potential scenarios. This has enabled him to identify and successfully implement innovative solutions to complex problems with a firm focus to generate high-end results.


Professional Value Proposition

One of Hassan’s distinct ‘value-proposition’ mandates is that he believes in the power of ‘hands-on’ proficiency. He prides himself in being proactive in his hands-on business model, thereby enabling his clients to grasp the core marketing fundamentals and technicalities in an effectively practical manner which is easy to implement.

His refined approach to the field of Healthcare DBusiness Consulting is built on a multifaceted system which is dynamic and versatile. He infuses methods that also include the effective usage of Social Media Advertising; an online marketing sphere that most consultants do not harness within their programs because they do not have the depth of understanding and proven results in the area.

Moreover, armed with an unwavering desire for professionalism and unbounded drive for perfection, Hassan’s assurance to all his clients and their businesses is based on the fundamentals of Knowledge, Strategy and Execution, which he calls the K.S.E Formula.


What Does Hassan Mean for You?


With a treasure trove of grass roots level experience in the Dental Business industry, Hassan believes that Marketing is the spine of any successful healthcare business operation. From being a Dental Nurse, Clinical Manager, Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator to a Business Development Manager managing various clinics across the UK, his focus has always been embedded with ground-breaking techniques and innovative tactics that reap results manifold. He understands your audience extremely well.


Hassan’s entire career has encompassed the nucleus and key dynamics of the KSE formula (Knowledge, Strategy and Execution). It is simple yet powerful and effective when applied the right way. Hassan applies the formula with a customised approach to each specific client; thereby providing a very individualised consulting mechanism that tailors according to each particular healthcare clinic in a coherent manner. One of his approaches is to eliminate the barriers, challenges, complexity and functional dynamics that come into play with regards to selling.

His approaches minimise the overhead costs in terms of difficulty and technicalities, thereby solely focusing on the ultimate end goal/result for any client or business which, of course, is making money with little or no hiccups!


Hassan’s methods facilitate the building of a proactive sales-funnel, built on a proven sales-mechanism via unique strategies that guarantee higher conversion rates, thus resulting in increased sales all across the board. He places a firm emphasis on cementing the client’s persona as a distinguished authority within your healthcare industry. 


Since many businesses underestimate the compelling power of Digital Marketing Technology and the wealth of quality organic traffic that it has the potential of generating, the effectiveness of internet marketing does not reach its full capacity. Hassan manages his consultancy model in a way that encompasses not merely understanding the psyche of Digital Marketing Technology, but also the gold-mine of applications and befitting rewards that flow with it. The lack of knowledge that many dentists, optometrists, vets, physiotherapists etc and budding professionals possess in this area, is what makes or breaks their resolve.

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Market Assessment

Full analysis on your current market positioning and the weaknesses in your competitors position

Strategy & PR

Strategic JVP’s and PR to help you become the leading expert in your area or industry and to achieve authoritative key positioning

Mastermind Group

Get access to my elite mentoring group and have your business analysed and aligned by growth experts from various sectors and roles

1-2-1 Mentoring

When the going gets tough, the tough get my personal number and have my team supporting you through change

360 PBD Plan

360 Pragmatic Business Developement marketing support from me and my team of professional marketing consultants


I have a strong personal network of Venture Capitalists, Investors and IFA’s who can assist my clients with their funding needs
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